Backup Monitor (1 server)

Backup Monitor (1 server) 5.1

Backup Monitor is a program that monitors and estimates the...

Backup Monitor is a program that monitors and estimates the quality of backups made by the Microsoft Windows NTBackup utility. Specifically, it can monitor the successful backup of user defined critical files.

It also helps you to ignore messages related to non successful backup of ;worthless; and/or easily replaceable files. Finally it allows you to define many servers to monitor and assign monitoring duties for different servers to many different users.

It`s important to note that Backup Monitor is not a backup utility - i. e. Backup Monitor does not perform backups. The objective of Backup Monitor is to monitor backups in a multiple backup server environment in a swift and secure manner.

Users located near each backup server will typically run Backup Monitor each morning when they log on, Backup Monitor will then read and analyse the backup log files for their respective server and register the results in a central database that help support and the system administrator can supervise.

If a backup is unsuccessful Backup Monitor will hand you detailed information - usually all the information you need. The Backup Monitor main window is split in two - the upper half shows all the backup servers in your environment and the lower half shows the results of each backup for the currently selected backup server.

Besides displaying facts about the backups on the screen Backup Monitor searches the log files for the following: - Failure to backup critical files - Registry files (if you choose) - Errors - Skipped files - Major changes in backed up data amount If Backup Monitor detects something out of the ordinary a message is displayed and registered into the Microsoft Jet database accompanying Backup Monitor.

This database keeps a record of servers, users, backups, files that can be ignored, critical files, skipped files and critical files that weren`t backed up.

Backup Monitor consists of a single program and a central database. Backup Monitor reads and analyzes the log files that result from the backup process.

Only that which occurs in these log files (and sometimes also what doesn`t) is used to estimate the quality of backups. Backup Monitor has a finite set of checks it performs on backups and cannot account for every situation, error or discrepancy.

Therefore you should always check the logs manually from time to time. © Backup Monitor is the copyright of Markus Sveinn Markusson MCSE, Reykjavik, Iceland.

The author of Backup Monitor can never be held liable for any failed backups or loss of data which amount to more than the purchasing price of Backup Monitor.

Backup Monitor (1 server)


Backup Monitor (1 server) 5.1